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What a great idea! Whoever came up with blogging deserves a raise!

Look here for the latest news about what’s happening within the promotional product industry and how it directly affects you. Learn what’s on our minds at IBD as we work to bring you the best in promotional creativity.

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Neutral is the New Black
27 February, 2014  |  No comments  |  Uncategorized

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Cause Marketing Case Study 1: Amazon 5000 & Haeleum
17 August, 2012  |  No comments  |  Uncategorized

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HÆLEUM – Insect Repellent Clothing
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Neutral is the New Black

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IBD is the clear choice to be your partner in important branding endeavors. With our vast industry experience, we hold our vendors to the highest standards. We provide the best quality merchandise on time and within your budget every time. You can be confident that your brand will be represented professionally to your audience.

We realize that with today’s technology you can find an adequate mug or pen online. IBD adds our unique customer service and total dedication to your brand standards. We become an integral part of your team by finding the correct product and negotiating the best value. Read more >


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