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Where is Green Marketing Today?

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Where is Green Marketing Today?
26 April, 2012  |  No comments  |  Uncategorized

It’s safe to say that green marketing blossomed in 2009.  However,  as issues like the economy and health care grabbed the public’s attention,  corporate environmental practices fell out of the spotlight.  Now that it is less hip to go green, will the movement wither on the vine?  While marketing experts’ opinions vary,  a number agree that it is no longer as integral a focus as it had been just months ago.

A lot of businesses jumped on board because it was trendy,  not because they believed in it. They did it because the polls showed this or a focus group said that. Others never got started,  now it’s no longer trendy.

Let’s fast forward to our local landscape.  On July 1st,  Seattle will implement a ban on plastic bags and a tax on paper bags.  While this will prove beneficial to our environment,  it also means those of us in the Emerald City will need to find an alternative to plastic bags. Ironically,  we see this as a great opportunity for both our customers and our ability to find a solution.  Let us help you promote your next community based function,  from the Little League sponsorship to a neighborhood based food drive with branded bags.  Canvas or Polypropylene fabrics are ecologically sound and provide hundreds of brand impressions for pennies per impression.  Give us a call to put a plan into action.

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